The long and lovely hypnobirth of Lily…

The long and lovely hypnobirth of Lily…

We change birth and our perception of birth one woman at a time and this birth ticks all the boxes about what a positive birth is all about and essentially the essence of what a hypnobirth is all about too.
Lara and Jacob were superbly prepared and equipped with tools and techniques to keep calm and relaxed throughout their long 36 hour labour. They had the right support around them and they were confident to be flexible in their preferences for birth.

Birth is powerful, Birth is intense, birth brings life into the world and can be an experience that many woman report, as Lara did, like nothing they have experienced before.

So here you have it …another woman who has experienced the power and joy of physiological birth and attributes a lot of their experience to being prepared physically and emotionally. It just takes one woman and an opportunity to hear their story…

On 20th December 2015 our little girl Lily was born.

The labour was long – approximately 36 hours however with the hypnobirth techniques we learnt, it was manageable, and may I even say enjoyable! I wanted to share my birth story as we are usually told about traumatic stories that birthing mums experience. Well I can confidently say that I never felt traumatised by my experience and actually loved the three day journey. And I believe that others can also experience the same, if you prepare mentally and emotionally – something hypnobirthing encourages.

I planned for a home birth, as after a lot of research I discovered how beneficial this approach is in many ways. I wanted a natural vaginal birth without pain relief – that was the most important aspect for me. Due to the long labour (and possible risk of infection) I was however transferred to hospital.

Though I was still able to have the natural physiological birth I wished for, without pain medication. I believe this happened only due to the techniques we learned. Throughout labour and birth, I had Jacob by my side. He made sure I was cool with ice cold water, he held my hand, massaged my back, used only encouraging words and ensured I was taken care of. My midwives were also amazing. They reminded me to breath slowly and relax as much as possible. It’s important to note the power of support throughout this process. I don’t think I could have coped as well as I did if it wasn’t for their support.

During labour and birth I ensured I breathed through the surges as much as possible, and yes there were times when that became more challenging and so a few times I did scream, but nothing like I would have if I hadn’t prepared and hadn’t had the support from people around me. Afterwards, Jacob said how calm I seemed and how people were surprised about how well I was managing. I remember just focusing on breathing throughout those days. I actually counted whilst breathing and found my head to be in a different world altogether due to this. I also used affirmations and listened to the Hypnobirth tracks. I was unaware of my surroundings and completely absorbed in a trance. And may I just add here, although we are told that labour is painful, I would not describe what I experienced as painful. A bold statement to make, but I would say it was extremely intense with a rhythmical pattern mixed in… and nothing like what I have experienced before. Again, I loved the experience and cannot say anything negative about it. I was very fortunate to have had wonderful support people and the techniques from the hypnobirthing classes. And most importantly, what I would recommend to other mums to be is to prepare months in advance. On top of the Hypnobirth techniques which I practised almost every day, I also did prenatal yoga, walked, had a very clean diet (no sugar and no wheat) and just worked on my mental and emotional state.

During those last few days before Lily arrived, I did not at any point feel scared or anxious, in fact I only remember feeling calm. I never thought I would say that – but if you practise enough, the techniques can become so ingrained in your head that it all becomes second nature to you.

I hope other couples can also implement a positive mindset so birth can be at least manageable for you, I know that it does not have to be traumatic. Practise the techniques as being calm is the key to a more enjoyable birth experience.”

Lara, Jacob & Lily (2.76kg)

Lara and Jacob did a Hypnobirthing Australia Childbirth Education course with Big Hearted Birth.
Big Hearted Birth teaches group and private Childbirth and Hypnobirth classes in Caulfield Melbourne.

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