The birth you have while making other plans – Baby Oliver’s Choice Birth.

The birth you have while making other plans – Baby Oliver’s Choice Birth.

Baby choice birth delights me – the planned hospital birth that ends up a homebirth, the homebirth that turns into a free birth because the midwife got caught in traffic, the birth in the car, or side of the road.

It reminds us retrospectively  that birth is bigger than us- and babies have surprising influence , even in-utero babies.

More often than not these births change something deep in the psyche of a woman – its a knowing , a wisdom that confirms to them – Yes, we are designed to do birth and given the right support, safe environment and a woman’s ability to surrender and let go, we do so- wherever that may be.

Libby and Nathan’s birth tingles with an added dimension. This was their second birth and they had had enough distance from their first birth to view it through a different lens – a lens that had them both look objectively, take responsibility and recognition of parts to their first birth that they had opportunity to learn from.

Their reflections helped them make different decisions and prepare differently.

They over-prepared in areas  and then on the day – just let it their birthing day play out.

This is their remarkable yet utterly normal birth experience.




Birthday: 1st October 2019

Weight: 3.610kg (7 pounds 9 oz)

Length: 50cm

[Baby Choice birth – Planned Hospital Birth]

♥During our second pregnancy, my husband I began thinking about the birth of our first child.

The birth of our first child was “fine”, and of course we were overjoyed to have delivered a healthy baby girl. However, the experience itself had left me feeling a little bit like a “victim”, and a bit disappointed at the lack of communication between my partner and myself. I was also carrying disappointment for not believing in myself and my body, and for letting outside influence interfere with my first birth, sending the remainder of the journey on a trajectory I did not want it to go. We still had a natural vaginal birth with our first child, but the journey there was not quite the path we had wanted to take.

A few months into our second pregnancy my husband and I began to research Hypnobirthing.

We needed to find someone who could teach us the techniques we needed for our second birth to give us the confidence in ourselves individually and as a team. Someone who could tell us (what I already knew), that we could birth this baby naturally with no intervention, that my baby and my body were perfectly capable of doing this!

Cue the wonderful Cindy Fenn from Big Hearted Birth.

During the lead up to our second birth my husband and I enjoyed listening to the Hypnobirthing Australia™ meditations and affirmations.

I enjoyed compiling an inspiration board (predominately with pictures of our first child). I also practised visualisations of a calm birth, and my husband and I talked at length about what he could do during the birth and the positive words of encouragement I would need to hear [when birth intensified]. All tools and wisdom imparted to us from Cindy!

When Oliver’s birthday day rolled around, our hypnobirthing practice really paid off. The skills were now inherent.

My husband made arrangements for our first born to sleep over at her Omi’s house, he returned from dropping her off, we had some dinner, relaxed on the couch, listened to music, listened to the Hypnobirthing  meditation scripts, all the while breathing together through the surges.

The very first sign of labour was at 5:30pm, by 8:30pm my husband and I decided to take a nap as we figured we’d be having a sleepless night. My husband assisted me to put on the tens machine we had hired.

It must’ve been close to 10pm we decided we should notify the hospital that we would be coming in, perhaps in the next hour or so.

My husband calmly ensured we were all good to go, and began assisting me down the hallway towards the car. We paused for surges, breathing together  – it was a slow calm journey.

When we got to the kitchen I asked my husband to lower me to the floor, on my knees and supporting myself leaning forward on a dining room chair I calmly informed my husband that the car was no longer an option (I could now feel baby Oliver was close to making his entrance into this world!).

My husband asked if he should call an ambulance, I said yes. He calmly dealt with the requests of the 000 operator, opened the front gate and door, grabbed all the towels in the house, whilst I just let myself focus on what my body was instinctively telling me to do. Breathe and make low guttural noises, rock my body. The ambulance officers and mica made it through our front door just as Oliver was beginning to crown. He was born at 11:07pm, and we enjoyed our first of many cuddles together.

My husband and I are very proud of what we achieved together, and agree it was the most awesome experience of our lives to date. Family and friends cannot believe how calm my husband was, and I have been referred to a number of times as “super-woman”; I am not super-woman, I am woman, and that is super!

Thanks Cindy for helping me to realise this.


Libby and Nathan did Hypnobirthing Australia™’s  The Positive Birth Program™ with Cindy Fenn.

Cindy is a certified Hypnobirthing Australia™  practitioner.

She teaches at This is Life Wellness Emporium in Elwood, Melbourne.

She would like every woman to feel how amazing it feels to birth your baby in your power.

For further information and to book into Cindy’s classes go here.

Not in Melbourne?

Hypnobirthing Australia™  has practitioners all over Australia so head here for your closest practitioner and remember to look for the teal seal  as it ensures Hypnobirthing Australia™ Quality.


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