Even thou, I didn’t get my homebirth, I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was the birth I had hoped and planned for and it was amazing!   The hormone release was the best feeling in the world!  Thanks again for your amazing classes. They changed my life!  Leo’s birth is now my greatest achievement.

~ Kym, Leo’s Mum

Doing hypnobirth classes had me worried and unsure if we’d chosen the right path. However, within the first 30-60mins of the class, with Cindy, all doubt had evaporated and I can honestly say that I was on board 100%.

It all just made perfect sense…
The female body is designed to give birth and it can happen calmly, as well as drug and intervention free.

The birth of Sia (was a different story, what a nightmare ohh the screams… Only joking), the birth of Sia went better than or exactly as we planned. It seemed almost too easy.

I was armed with all the tools I’d learnt from class but only needed to use a few as Casey’s body did exactly what it was built for.

When I think back for specific details about the atmosphere that night, what immediately springs to mind is the picture of a dark, quiet and peaceful room, my wife listening to her body and my daughter playing her role perfectly.

It was without question the most unique and special experience of my life.

~ Kaine , Sia’s Dad and birth partner to Casey

Doing the Hypnobirthing course gave us the tools to manage our labour calmly. We found the practical exercises useful during the weeks leading up to the birth, especially the fear release and surge of the sea track.

We used the scripts and light touch massage during our labour and stayed calm throughout despite our birth not going to plan. We went in hoping for an entirely natural birth with no drugs or interventions and labouring at home for as long as possible. We ended up having an emergency Caesar after an arduous 24-hour drug-assisted labour at the hospital following an induction of labour (IOL). As it turned out, medical intervention was necessary and we were happy to accept it under our obstetrician’s guidance.

The Hypnobirthing allowed us to stay calm, make rational decisions at each stage, and accept the labour as it happened.
The midwives were really impressed to see us in action. I even fell asleep between surges in the later stages. Our daughter was calm and not at all distressed when she was delivered and we attribute this to the Hypnobirthing exercises.

We have continued using the techniques since the birth to stay calm as we learn to be parents and particularly during
breastfeeding. The best part of the course was that it empowered my husband, the birth partner, to be involved and support me to stay calm. We would recommend this course to anyone no matter what their birth plan.

~ Sylvia and Ewan on the hypnobirth of Beatrice Anna
(4.45kg, 9lb13oz) November 11, 2014

We wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and support through your hypnobirthing classes. They were invaluable to us and we believe truly contributed to a calm birth despite some challenges.

Your classes truly were so helpful and integral to our experience.

We really appreciate everything, particularly your flexibility in allowing us to do a couple of private classes so we could prepare for the arrival of our little girl.

~ Tracey and Michael on the hypnobirth of Eloise Olivia
(3.73kg, 8lb3oz) January 2, 2015