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Baby Hux is in the world.


Jul 2016

Hux’s Birth – A game changing moment for Marta and Nic…

At the end of the second Hypnobirthing Australia™ session I show one of the most amazing births I have seen. It is the water birth hypnobirth of Baby Sari. It is a  video which shows amazing caregiver support and is filled with emotion, joy and amazing graphic of first birth. Marta and Nic, parents to be, watched this intently as first time birthing Mum Nicola, brings her daughter up through the water and...

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Jun 2016

Can you birth unassisted? A Winter Solstice birth story…

Women are hardwired to birth, in fact birth happens in the primal part of our brain, responsible for other primal functions of our body… sex, sleeping, flight or fight…We don’t think about these things our body just does it instinctively. French Obstetrician Michel Odent, states that  for women to birth efficiently and quickly they need to not think or more specifically shut off their neocortex,...

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The birth of Baby Sadie…7th January 2016.


Mar 2016

The birth of Baby Sadie…7th January 2016.

There are many parts of this birth story that I REALLY love.` Firstly, I love that Em and Russ, negotiated with their caregivers, extra time after 41 weeks to wait for labour to have a natural onset. Em was healthy and their baby was healthy, so after using their B.R.A.I.N technique, kept going with their preferences. I also really love the lead in to Emmah’s...

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