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Sep 2016

A well supported, straightforward and empowered birth… Julie’s Story.

In my Hypnobirthing classes,  more often than not couples do the course together but sometimes a woman will come alone. This does not mean she is not supported – it just means life has complexity. We live in busy, crazy times and sometimes one has to commit to Hypnobirthing classes, rather than two. There are all sorts of reasons why partners cannot attend: some work , others...

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Baby Hux is in the world.


Jul 2016

Hux’s Birth – A game changing moment for Marta and Nic…

At the end of the second Hypnobirthing Australia™ session I show one of the most amazing births I have seen. It is the water birth hypnobirth of Baby Sari. It is a  video which shows amazing caregiver support and is filled with emotion, joy and amazing graphic of first birth. Marta and Nic, parents to be, watched this intently as first time birthing Mum Nicola, brings her daughter up through the water and...

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