Date: 28 Nov 2015
Cat: Our Stories

The Hypnobirth of Ryla

Ryla just one of the Big Hearted Births Hypnobabies

Born: 27 November 2014
Weight: 2.97kg (6lb5oz)

Hi Cindy,

Our little babe was born on her due date. I hear that is quite uncommon. However my labour started a full 36 hours beforehand. I stayed at home and was safe and calm.

It was uncomfortable for me to sit or lie down so I had to be walking the whole time. I paced up and down my house all night, my eyes stayed closed, I was in my zone and very calm. I was in and out of the shower. Then decided I would try relaxing in the breath. This was perfect. I stayed in here till the next morning.

We then stayed home the following day till around 3. The whole time my surges were quite close, however I didn’t feel like we were close to delivering. We were admitted to the hospital where I stayed mostly in the shower. I had wanted a water birth, however the nurse that was trained in this had gone home.

By 11 that night they checked how dilated I was, I honestly didn’t want to do this but I was exhausted after no sleep and not eating or drinking (could keep anything down). I was still only 4cm. I was extremely dehydrated and exhausted and was given a drip for fluid. This is when I started being monitored.

My heart rate was taken and it was always around 40-50, which the nurses and doctors were extremely amazed by. I still kept my eyes closed and listened to our relaxing music.

At 1 in the morning I had an epidural, I was still only 4cm dilated (I was devastated) but we did it, I finally opened my eyes, and the nurses said hi. The lights were off and we had our tracks playing. They checked her position, and realised then that she had turned around and that we would need forceps to turn her back around (another sad moment). But at the time obviously it was the best for both of us. Her heart rate began to drop so we had to get her out.

The delivery was quick and I was able to push her out with a little turn with forceps. She was perfect! Not a mark on her. We left her umbilical cord attached while she fed. It was the most amazing moment in our life. After lying there with her on me for a full hour, I passed her to my husband to have some skin-to-skin time while I got up and had a shower.

I stayed that night then the following day we left to go home to be as a family. We had the first two days just ourselves then we introduced our special little lady to the rest of the world.

Our little Ryla fed from day one perfectly, she is known by all as the calm baby. I have been fortunate enough to be at home for the past 8 months. It truly is the most amazing experience. I cannot wait to do it all again, even though it didn’t go fully as planned. I can safely say we were calm and relaxed throughout the whole labour and Ryla arrived into a very peaceful world.

Joey and Simon

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