Frankie Grace

Date: 28 Nov 2015
Cat: Our Stories

The Free One

The hypnobirthing story of the birth of Frankie Grace

Born: 8 June 2015
Weight: 7.3 pounds

Dear Cindy,

I’d like to thank you whole-heartedly for your invaluable teachings! Before I met you and before I’d even heard of Hypnobirthing, I was so fearful about childbirth. I have heard so many horror stories from family and friends about the trauma of labour and what it apparently inflicts on women’s bodies, and I assumed my birthing story would be no different. When I was three months pregnant, I decided to do some research with the hope that I could find a calmer way of birthing. I figured that if we’ve been doing it since time began surely there has to be an empowering way to do it!!!

I came across Big Hearted Birth and at first it sounded too good to be true. But I knew I had nothing to lose so my husband and I signed up to do your course.

I won’t lie. We were sceptical. All of the amazing birthing stories you were sharing with us sounded euphoric and unreal, but I quietly wanted the same outcome for myself!

We threw ourselves in the deep end and committed 100% to the Hypnobirthing way. I listened to my affirmations on my iPod every night before bed. My husband and I kept an open line of dialogue flowing between us for the months leading up to the birth. We talked about how perfect my labour would be, we spoke about our fears and how we could conquer them and we spoke about his “job” throughout the labour and the part he was to play.

We left no stone unturned and were confident I would have the birth I wanted.

When the day arrived, it was 3.00 am and if anything we were both quite nonchalant about the whole event and even went back to sleep. When each surge came and I would subsequently wake up from it, Josh would (while half asleep) mumble “good job, Darl. You were made for this. You’ve got this one in the bag!!!” And “onya, warrior. Keep breathing, you’re amazing!” (His background in football and coaching came into play here, haha).

This photo was taken at home three hours into my labour with my mum massaging me between surges. Eventually, we calmly made our way to the hospital and from the moment we arrived I went into my own space and didn’t talk to anyone until after our little girl was born. Josh did all the talking for me to the midwives and my obstetrician. I was tuned into his voice for the entire labour and his soft touch and positive affirmations whispered into my ear were the perfect responses I needed at the time.

I also listened to music and (I don’t remember this) was told later that I was humming to the songs between surges. As they intensified, I started to rock slowly back and forth each time a wave came upon me.

When I transitioned into the second stage of labour, I could tell by the way Josh was looking at me that I had slipped into a trance-like state.

My eyes were so relaxed I could only just make out his face in front of mine smiling in awe at me.

I felt the conscious decision rise up in me to surrender to the strong sensations running throughout my body. The moment I did that, my cervix opened up and my body completely relaxed. I have never in my life felt more empowered than I did in that moment.

My body was electric, and I felt utterly connected to the womanhood in the room.
My midwives were incredible and were so supportive of the Hypnobirthing process.

My room was in complete silence with only the hum of the music in the background and the sound of my husband’s soothing voice. I felt blessed.

The time came to breathe our baby out. By this point my husband was so in tune with me and my rhythm, that without me even saying anything he knew I had transitioned into the next stage. So he helped me move into a better position so I could bare down.

After a while of breathing I heard my obstetrician say that she wanted to intervene medically because it was “taking too long.” Josh was very quick to inform her “if anyone can do this on her own, it’s my wife. She was made for this moment, so please give her some space.” That was all I needed to hear! Our Frankie Grace was born five minutes later.

When she was placed on my chest I was overwhelmed with love for her. I was in awe of myself, my body and what we had achieved. I desperately wanted a calm birth and that’s exactly what I got.

My body and my choices were respected by my mother, my husband, my midwives but more importantly by me. I trusted my instincts and moved with the flow of my body and my baby’s needs.

What I didn’t expect was the calm baby I met on the other side!! She’s a big sleeper and such a peaceful little girl. I often wonder if that’s because of the calm atmosphere she entered into!?!

Her name is Frankie Grace. Frankie means “Free One” and that’s exactly what she is. Free. I look forward to the day I can share her birth story with her and remind her that not every birthing experience has to be a negative one. I hope that one day if she has children I can guide her to find her own empowerment – every woman deserves that, especially during labour.

I will sing the Hypnobirthing praises to anyone and everyone! It hasn’t just given me a beautiful calm birth, but it’s changed my life forever.

Thank you Cindy, for everything.

Love Josh, Holly and Frankie Wilson xo

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