Opening the doors for a calm and positive birth!

Opening the doors for a calm and positive birth!

My partner Sam and I birthed our second child at home. Felix joined our family on the Winter solstice 2013, twenty minutes after my waters released. Birth took us by surprise and we had an unintentional, undisturbed birth. That cold night, the porch light was on but the door was unopened – a minute after Felix was born Sam had to open the door to our midwife. Upon reflection, we should have left the door open as it would have made the logistics of the final moments after birth simpler.

The unopened door is a good metaphor for pregnancy and birth; the doors we choose to open to welcome our hearts and mind to birth and its potential for us as women, for the babies we birth and the families in which they grow up in.

What other doors can Hypnobirthing open? Which doors make a difference to birth? I have my own opinions on this (which give me two glasses of wine and I will not be backward to tell you) however in simple terms when it comes to your birth what matters is that you open the doors, you get the information , you choose, you open the doors the make the difference for you. Knowledge is as powerful as birth.

That cold solstice night I surrendered my body to instinctively birth my baby. This had been something I had meditated on as in my first birth fear had crept into my mind. As I felt the pressure of my second born’s head crown, I teetered on the edge of my desire to let birth be instinctual, and do what hundreds of years of women have done before me or to maintain my control and so … I opened the door to instinct, visualised an opening flower, released and let go to comfortably birth my second son.

The first unopened door however begun before our first child was conceived. One December in the UK, I listened to a colleague describe her birth. It was the first time I had ever heard someone talk about birth SO positively. I heard about low guttural noises that open the vagina just before birth, relaxed jawlines, daily affirmations, relaxation techniques based on hypnosis and how a woman’s body is designed to give birth. Even more astounding, she enjoyed the birth and birthed without PAIN. She had done Hypnobirthing. That day I opened the door to the belief that a woman’s body is designed to give birth and that birth is a normal physiological process. It was also the first time I had consciously thought about birth as the first impression a child has to the world.

Consequently, we did Hypnobirthing training and shut the door of any negative conversation, story, image, well-meaning advice and only watched and read positive birth. We recited affirmations, practised relaxation, light touch massage and released any fear that would get in the way of our anticipated amazing birth.

Through Hypnobirthing we opened the door to the opportunity that our baby would come into the world in his own time and without unnecessary medical intervention. We had the techniques to use during labour, the belief that we could birth a baby and we had the people around to support our birthing choices. Our baby shared our view that he should come when he wanted. At 36 weeks …my water released during a parent teacher interview and like the water trickling away on the school bathroom floor, so too did our birthing wishes…no water birth and no birthing centre, as we had originally planned. We opened another door that day to authentically respect that birth takes its course and we had the capacity to calmly meet wherever birth took us. The mind and body during hypnobirthing preparation is conditioned to release endorphins, relax deeply, breath effectively and let your body bring your baby to you. In a natural birth,the body knows what to do, independent of the circumstances in which birth takes place. And that is what we did and our first born came into the world in just under 5 hours.

When making labour and birth choices there are a plethora of other doors that couples can choose to open. The doors we chose to open have made all the difference throughout our pregnancy, our beautiful births and we believe, will continue to show their worth well into our children’s lives.

Big Hearted Birth provides Hypnobirthing Australia courses that provide informed education on childbirth and develops techniques and tools so woman and their birth partners can also open the doors that make the difference.

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