Hypnobirthing how does it work?

You’re probably thinking – Hypnobirthing does it work?

Hypnobirthing is a process that can assist you to enhance your childbirth experience

More and more women are using hypnobirthing skills during birth with amazing accounts of their experiences. Big Hearted Birth’s Cindy hypnobirthed two times using techniques included in the Hypnobirthing Australia course – the fastest growing childbirth education program in Australia.

In the UK, The Daily Mail has reported that there is a ‘Rise of mothers-to-be taking hypnobirthing classes as an alternative to pain relief during labour’. For most people, the idea that natural childbirth can be powerful and enjoyed or described as calm and positive seems a little “too good to be true”. For others, although they enjoy their pregnancy and this wonderful time, the thought of birth can conjure feelings of fear and anxiety. Hypnobirthing helps you develop a mind-set about childbirth, pain, your birthing body and this, can positively affect your birth experience.

An NIHR research study found that women who used self-hypnosis techniques had a greater reduction in anxiety and fear surrounding childbirth. Some of the women who participated in the hypnobirthing studies were so relaxed that the maternity staff didn’t know they were in labour. This has happened with many hypnobirthing Mums that are in such a confident, calm state but are actually more progressed in labour than they appear to be.

Hypnobirthing releases any fears or anxieties you may have surrounding your birth. It will help you and your partner to approach your child’s birth calmly and confidently. This frees you of any thoughts that may limit your wondrous birth experience. The tools and techniques learnt in our hypnobirthing classes will help you during your pregnancy and to effectively manage wherever your labour and birth journey take you.

What will you learn in our birth education classes

At Big Hearted Birth, we teach you the Hypnobirthing Australia programme. It is an evidence-based course and supported by current and relevant research.
You will learn –

  • Why hypnobirth techniques let you reach a deep level of relaxation and how to use these tools throughout your whole pregnancy until your birth.
  • Hypnobirthing skills such as relaxation, breathing, visualisation, acupressure, affirmation and self-hypnosis. These skills will help you remain focused and calm during pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • How your body works during birth and how the body releases a perfect combination of hormones – naturally designed for a safe and calm birth.
  • Knowledge to educate yourself on a vast array of birth options. Helping you to make informed decisions and feel confident with whatever turn your birthing journey takes.
  • The essential differences between labour for a natural birth and one that has been artificially begun (induction of labour) and how to navigate the path of unnecessary intervention.
  • How birth partners and caregivers play a supportive role and how they can maintain a calm and positive atmosphere during your labour.
  • How the birthing environment influences the nervous system and optimal hormone release for childbirth and bonding in the first two hours after birth, which are really important for building a foundation for positive attachment in the first years of life.

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