Baby Hux is in the world.

Hux’s Birth – A game changing moment for Marta and Nic…

At the end of the second Hypnobirthing Australia™ session I show one of the most amazing births I have seen.

It is the water birth hypnobirth of Baby Sari.

It is a  video which shows amazing caregiver support and is filled with emotion, joy and amazing graphic of first birth.

Marta and Nic, parents to be, watched this intently as first time birthing Mum Nicola, brings her daughter up through the water and onto her chest, her partner clearly overcome with awe and emotion.  It was at that moment, as Sari made her way into the world, that Nic slapped his thigh in exhilaration ( as if celebrating a game changing goal in the football).

Nic wasn’t celebrating football however he was celebrating another game changing moment in life…birth!

Marta and Nic’s pregnancy and Hux’s birth have all the hallmarks of what Hypnobirthing Australia™ is all about.

Women and families at the centre of their birth experience, informed with knowledge and education, confident in their preparation, and using a range of tools during birth and labour to keep them grounded and drawing on good support by caregivers in the room. Marta also tells how she learnt to let go, be flexible and surrender to birth – sometimes a challenge for strong, modern women.

Read too, as Marta navigated the challenges of being a breastfeeding Mum in early days after birth. She drew on self-hypnosis techniques, Hypnobirthing Australia breastfeeding resources , getting the right support from professionals to help her with breastfeeding, and just giving her baby time to learn.  Marta is winning at this now too- let me tell you.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is more than birth…it is skills for life.

Welcome Hux to the world, as your Mum says, destined to live life large.

Hux’s story

Born: 5th April 2016

Weight: 4.2kg

Length: 53cm

Hux was 38 weeks and 6 days, when he decided to make his way into the world.

We were very pleased to have experienced spontaneous labour… as we were doing everything naturally possible to self induce in order to avoid the prospect of a scheduled induction at the hospital (Cindy was wonderful to give us confidence and direction with reasons and research positive /negative on induction which helped us stand our ground for our wish to postpone it). After all our boy was destined to live life on the large side,A with both myself and my partner being quite tall and not to mention that I had developed gestational diabetes. 

 Historically , like lots of women, I have always felt quite fearful of the unknown and pain associated with childbirth and labour… recalling only negative experiences from family and friends. I definitely think this spurred my need to educate myself and my partner as much as possible. I was committed to doing everything I could to make my pregnancy and the birth of my little man as positive as possible. Hypnobirthing was definitely on my to do list!

 My waters broke around 2am on the 5th April 2016. There was so much anticipation and excitement for this moment that to be honest I think I was in denial at first, I thought perhaps I just wet myself?! …instead I decided to go back for some much needed sleep. A couple of hours later I awoke to subtle period-like pains, noticed my bloody show and awoke my partner who was clearly also in denial as I was so calm about it all. I continued to go back to sleep for a little while more and later pottered around until 7am thinking that if this was IT that I would have many many more hours ahead of me and there was no need to wake everyone and rush them into a frenzy. Intense surges abruptly set in around 8am at which point I had the support of my partner, sister and mum, with my eyes firmly and constantly shut in concentration and my head buried in a cold wet towel. Surprised by how quickly I was progressing, we decided for the hospital at 10am at which point I was already 8cm dilated and the midwives expected Hux to shoot out any moment. Not realising how huge he was… 2hrs of pushing later and the help of an unavoidable episiotomy Hux was born into the world at 12:14pm. 

 Looking back hours felt like mere seconds, each surge brought me closer to meeting my little boy (and as hypersensitive as I was to noise/talking/music, internally I reflected on my many affirmations that I had stuck up at home for the time leading up to this moment) and the intensity of each surge felt doable.

My thorough birth plan ( thanks to the guidance of the hypnobirthing classes) stipulated that I was not to be offered pain relief… and to be honest it only occurred to me once that I had the option to ask for it, but I remember this moment to be so fleeting and insignificant. I was too focussed on the job at hand.

 And to think that the hard work was behind me! …

Breastfeeding was a whole new and other challenge that I gave no thought to prior to birth. I just imagined that it was such a natural and instinctive act and couldn’t understand why there was so much literature on it! I sought the advice of Cindy who has been so wonderful and supportive. It took a lot of positivity, listening to the Hypnobirthing Australia Breastfeeding and Bonding tracks, four visits to various lactation and breastfeeding specialists, reading and ‘time’ (mostly for Hux to grow and feed more easily ) before we started to get the hang of it! 

 Hypnobirthing was a wonderful and positive reinforcement for what childbirth is about and how to embrace it for all the it is, the good parts and the challenging parts. It helped prepare myself and my partner physically and emotionally, instilling a humble confidence and empowerment for our very special moment. Despite limitations and hurdles due to gestational diabetes (recommended induction, continual GTC monitoring, inability to have a water birth) I felt like I was in control of my birth experience and could make informed decisions backed by research and reading. I also learnt to let go a little, just because my birth didn’t go exactly to my ‘ideal’ plan, it was perfect for what Hux and I needed at the time and I’m so grateful for that. 

 I am proud to be part of the hypnobirthing community, I think it does amazing things for women individually but also as a community of families bringing children into the world. 

 Nic’s Testimonial:  A Dad’s Perspective …

 On The 5th of April 2016, I became Hux’s father.

 When I first heard about Hyponobirthing, I was apprehensive, I felt we had already done our prenatal classes and we “knew everything”… how wrong was I.

 Hyponobirthing helped my partner and I prepare emotionally as well and educate us outside of what the “system” wants to do.

 When the day came my partner Marta was so calm and relaxed, we had a drug free vaginal birth .. She was amazing, I am so proud of her. 

 The tools we had learnt helped me understand what Marta needed on the day and allowed me to not feel as useless as I had heard other blokes had felt.

 Highly recommended. 


Marta and Nic did a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course with Big Hearted Birth.

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