Big Hearted Birth’s Top 10 positive benefits

For attending Hypnobirthing Australia classes and using hypnobirthing techniques for your birth

Big Hearted Birth helps women to achieve positive birth stories

One day in the future you will find yourself sitting in front of your child on their birthday.
You will be telling them about the day that they were born

How do you see that story unfolding?

Imagine, you could be telling them that their birthing day was one of the highlights of your life, bringing you so much joy andlove. You will be able to share with them your complete wonder and awe of how your body brought them into the world. What an amazing thought! Now flash forward two or three decades … Think about how your own child may one day recollect to their own partner how amazing and calm they know birth can be and how they too want that same experience for their own child. From your own positive experience you will be changing how birth is viewed in the future.

The hypnobirth benefits are plentiful. One day you will have your own beautiful birth story to tell your child. However the hypnobirth benefits are more than just a story.

Below are Big Hearted Birth’s Top 10 positive benefits for attending Hypnobirthing Australia classes and using hypnobirthing techniques for your birth.

Hypnobirthing classes will help you release any pre-existing fear and anxieties you may have around your birth. This means that you can focus on a birth that is beautiful, gentle and positive.
You will learn effective breathing techniques to ensure your body relaxes and your uterus will have adequate oxygen. This means that the baby will receive optimal oxygen for birth and this can potentially reduce your labour time.
With learnt hypnobirthing techniques you can release natural hormones called endorphins into your body, which are nature’s anaesthetic and considered to be more powerful than morphine. These will help to relax you so deeply allowing your body and baby to work together for an optimal birth.
You will learnt a range of tools and techniques, including visualisation, affirmation and self-hypnosis to keep you relaxed during pregnancy and labour. During your labour and birth you will be able to go in and out of self-hypnosis and keep in your birthing zone, allowing your natural instincts to guide through your birth.
Your baby will calm and alert at birth due to your relaxed and positive mind-set and hypnobirthing techniques that were practised during pregnancy.
You and your partner will have an opportunity to make a birth plan. This means that you can approach your birth, whatever direction it takes, with increased confidence and knowledge. A birth plan is key for ensuring your preferences are upheld and your caregivers can support your birth preferences.
Your birth partner will learn the skills needed to be an advocate for your birthing preferences, be comfortable in providing appropriate and useful support to you on your baby’s birthing day.
The independent information and education you will receive means you can ask the right questions and make informed decisions, which can decrease your chances of unnecessary medical intervention. Whatever direction your birthing journey takes, you’ll be able to confidently and calmly navigate your way and feel satisfied that you made the best decisions for the time.
You will learn best practice to enhance bonding between you and your baby after birth. This will help the right hormones release into your body for successful initiation of breastfeeding, bonding and continued satisfaction in your caregiving role.
The hypnobirthing knowledge and skills learnt in your hypnobirthing training are not just for birth but are life skills and can be transferred to other areas of your life, after you birth your baby.

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