Big Hearted Birth’s first Hypnobub… Thou she be but little, she is fierce – Shakespeare

Big Hearted Birth’s first Hypnobub… Thou she be but little, she is fierce – Shakespeare

For those of you who know me, the firsts in life are special and often noted…first birthdays, first kisses, first gelato in Italy, infact I can recall my first gelato ever. Other firsts include the first time I saw snow fall silently, the first time I became an Auntie, first dining experience Michelin Starred, the first time I drank Grange, first Champagne, first glance of London awakening very early one September morn, first time in New York, Paris …and the most profound first, the moments I looked in the eyes of my beautiful boys and the list could go on… I love the firsts!!!

And so here is another of my firsts which charms my soul and makes me feel proud.

Let me introduce Miss Sienna Rose , who was welcomed (earth side) to the world by her lovely parents Amy and Adam and big sister Alana in February, and is my FIRST HYPNOBUB!!!! Yay! For those not initiated, a hypnobub is a baby born to the power and skills of hypnobirthing.

After reading a hypnobirthing book during their first pregnancy, Amy and Adam wanted to learn first hand the many techniques and tools of hypnobirthing, to help them achieve a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caeserean). Fortuitous timing had them book into my class and the rest is now history. They had good support from their caregivers and coupled with their hypnobirthing training felt confident in managing whatever turn Sienna’s birth would take. Adam was the epitome of a hypnobirthing partner protecting the birthing space and upholding their birth preferences, with conviction so Amy could stay in her zone and birth her baby. Amy was a superstar to say the least. In fact, Amy was so calm and relaxed her midwife had to show her Obstetrician that she was well advanced in her labour, than she appeared to be.

I am so pleased for them all and I look forward to sharing more good news on the birthing front.

Here’s what Amy said about the hypnobirthing course.

She [Cindy] focused the sessions on a good mix of theory and actual application of the various hypnobirthing techniques which really brought hypnobirthing to life.

The classes allowed me to go into the birth of our daughter Sienna feeling confident, relaxed and empowered. We’d both highly recommend Hypnobirthing classes with Cindy.

Big Hearted Birth teaches Hypnobirthing Australia hypnobirthing courses in Caulfield North.

Hypnobirthing Australia is the only trademarked hypnobirthing course in Australia.

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