Big Hearted Birth’s Circle Spaces

Cindy Fenn creates sacred circle spaces  and supports women and couples over their birth journey in Melbourne.

Pregnancy Circle

Cost: Zoom Class $30

Please bring to the session:

  1. Journal or writing paper and a pen
  2. Set up your space with a candle, other bits that make your space special eg  oils, birth affirmations, significant objects, photos and an area to move.
  3. Oil pastels and a piece of art paper
  4.  Water to drink and a cup of tea.
  5. Warm socks and something to wrap you in love and warmth.
  6. Just yourself – you are enough.

Circle Outline :

There is a certain unquantifiable magic that occurs when women sit in circle during pregnancy. It just happens….woman feel connection and  strength from the power of sharing experience with women who are  journeying this same important  rite of passage with you, even when physically distanced by Zoom – the magic is always conjured.  And there is a certain reassurance to be guided by a woman who has walked this rite of passage too.

You’ll experience magic and medicine in the art form of  story,  movement, intuitive art, breathing, affirmation, visualisation.  Practises which may be utilised over pregnancy , labour and birth.

And just as important as feeling wonderful, you will  get an opportunity to give your fears a cuddle and if you feel the time is right,  let go of  any beliefs that will no longer be of service  to you for birth and your role as a mother in a special fear burning ceremony.

Join me for a night of heart blooms and winter warmth for your whole body, mind and soul (and that of your baby).

Book Now: There are only 7 spots available in each session.

Big Hearted Birth Refresher Courses

Big Hearted Birth Refresher course

Hypnobirthing Australia™ Refresher Class

The hypnobirthing refresher class is for couples who have completed a full Hypnobirthing Australia™ course and need to refresh and individualise  their prior learning. It can help get them back into the hypnobirthing zone and release any fears or anxieties surrounding their new pregnancy. Couples will use the folder from their prior Hypnobirthing Australia™ course. This class is an opportunity for you to plan for the excitement of your second … third or fourth birth experience.

Duration: This is a private 3-hour session

Location: In your own home or via Zoom

Cost: $270

Session Outline: Revision of past birth, breathing, techniques, tools, BRAN and fear release.

Book Now: Click here to book a refresher class with Cindy Fenn, Hypnobirth Practitioner.

Big Hearted Birth refresher course PLUS

Hypnobirthing Hypnobubs Online Learning

Duration: This is a 6 hours of independent learning

Cost: $199


  • 10x comprehensive video sessions (with Melissa Spilsted)
  • Five Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks
  • Downloadable resources & worksheets
  • Little Book of Hypnobirthing (E-book)
  •  Hypnobirthing Birth Videos
  • Access to Private  Hypnobubs Parents support group

ADD ON : 1 x 90min tailored private session (via Zoom) will amplify your learning  $349 (inclusive of your online course).

ADD ON :  4 x weeks Voxer support  $499 (inclusive of your online course).

Voxer is a Walkie Talkie style of learning.

Book Now: Click here to organize your online learning with Cindy Fenn, Hypnobirth Practitioner.