Big Hearted Birth’s Childbirth Education and Hypnobirthing Classes

Big Hearted Birth provides expecting parents with private or group hypnobirth classes in Melbourne

Big Hearted Birth teaches Hypnobirthing Australia’s Hypnobirthing and Childbirth Education classes in Melbourne. Big Hearted Birth will soon be evolving into Big Hearted Beginnings, but for the moment you can attend one of the following hypnobirthing classes…

Hypnobirthing and Childbirth Classes – Full Course

Option: 4 x 3-hour afternoon classes

Location: 2 William Street, St Kilda East

Cost: Group Class $550 (Early Bird discount $495)

Private Class $850

Course Inclusions:

  1. Hypnobirthing Australia course folder with tools and techniques taught in the class
  2. Two Hypnobirthing CD’s (MP3 format)
  3. Birth rehearsal video tutorial
  4. Little Book of Hypnobirthing (E-book)
  5. Ongoing support leading into birthing day
  6. Free breech turn hypnosis (if required))

Course Outline: Whether you choose private or hypnobirth group classes, you’ll learn relaxation, breathing, affirmation, visualisation and self-hypnosis to use during pregnancy, labour and birth. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge on the physiological childbirth process and receive a complete education on early and post-birth bonding (the important first two hours after your child’s birth). Plus in the childbirth classes you’ll learn about your birth options. So you can make the right decisions for you and your baby to help minimise unnecessary intervention.

Click here for a full Hypnobirthing Australia course outline.

Dates: Click here for upcoming hypnobirthing class dates

Book Now: Places and dates are limited. Please click here to book dates for either group or private hypnobirth classes with Cindy Fenn, Hypnobirth Practitioner.

Please Note:
If you’re past 37 weeks, it’s not too late to start preparing for a hypnobirth. Please contact Cindy for further advice on your birthing classes options.

Big Hearted Birth Refresher Courses

Big Hearted Birth Refresher course

Hypnobirthing Australia™ Refresher Class

The hypnobirthing refresher class is for couples who have completed a full Hypnobirthing Australia™ course and need to refresh and individualise  their prior learning. It can help get them back into the hypnobirthing zone and release any fears or anxieties surrounding their new pregnancy. Couples will use the folder from their prior Hypnobirthing Australia™ course. This class is an opportunity for you to plan for the excitement of your second … third or fourth birth experience.

Duration: This is a private 3-hour session

Location: In your own home or via Zoom

Cost: $270

Session Outline: Revision of past birth, breathing, techniques, tools, BRAN and fear release.

Book Now: Click here to book a refresher class with Cindy Fenn, Hypnobirth Practitioner.

Big Hearted Birth refresher course PLUS

Hypnobirthing Hypnobubs Online Learning

Duration: This is a 6 hours of independent learning

Cost: $199


  • 10x comprehensive video sessions (with Melissa Spilsted)
  • Five Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks
  • Downloadable resources & worksheets
  • Little Book of Hypnobirthing (E-book)
  •  Hypnobirthing Birth Videos
  • Access to Private  Hypnobubs Parents support group

ADD ON : 1 x 90min tailored private session (via Zoom) will amplify your learning  $349 (inclusive of your online course).

ADD ON AGAIN:  2x 90 min fully tailored private sessions (via Zoom) will amplify your learning $499 (inclusive of your online course).

Book Now: Click here to organize your online learning with Cindy Fenn, Hypnobirth Practitioner.