About Big Hearted Birth & Cindy Fenn

The road to Big Hearted Birth

Hiya… My name is Cindy.

My business Big Hearted Birth teaches Hypnobirthing Australia™ childbirth education. I love to help and support couples just like you with their Big Hearted Beginnings.

I have experienced how powerful and transformational physiological birth can be. This is what inspired me to become a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner.  I would love all woman to experience the satisfaction of positive birth and possible unleash strength and capacities  within themselves that they never knew existed.

I have hypnobirthed three gorgeous babies.

One that was a “no walk in the park” hospital birth and which begun my odyssey really loving physiological birth. Another baby that was birthed at home,  with virtually no pain and dare i mention … without our midwife who got caught in Melbourne traffic. To hear about how  my favourite birth unravelled head to the following Rockstar Birth Radio episode where I share my musings on my Winter Solstice hypnobirth.

My third (and final) birth was three hours of  intensity, instinctual movement and breathing to bring my baby earthside, fully supported by my partner and best independent midwife ever.

I know that birth can be instinctive and while it is a  normal physiological experience, it can be one of the most extraordinary things a woman can do.

My Big Hearted Birth couples have also planned and created their own empowered, rich stories and you can have yours too

Wherever your birthing journey takes you…  it is your birth…  step into your power and experience birth’s potential!

I can help you build your story and make birth a highlight of your life.

A birth… you  will want to share with other women, to be part of a  collective power that can help others by  demystifying  the birth process – opening dialogue that challenges the idea that birth is scary and something to be afraid of.

I want to ensure all women know they have a voice in their birth experience and the birth power always lies within them.

I love education

I love learning and I am a life-long learner. Before I became a hypnobirthing practitioner, I taught young children for 12 years to read, to count, to try again, to think positively and to believe in themselves.

Now, I want to educate you about childbirth and hypnobirthing. So you too can believe in your body’s ability to birth a baby and make it a highlight in your life.

About Cindy Fenn…

I love Champagne for a special occasions… need I say more.

I like to listen, amongst other things, to the bubbles of soda water, the Moonlight Sonata and Daft Punk. I run (not that fast, but enough to get the endorphins flowing and keep up with my boys).

I am Mummy to a king of the wild things, a lucky one and a hungry, happy hobbit (according to the lucky one).

I am partner, in life  (and soon to be wife)… to an extraordinary beat boxing, wine drinking, socially responsible, nappy folding, on a weary evening, man.

I seek out balance and it mostly always eludes me and I am ok with that. Life isn’t always in balance especially when bringing up three tiny humans.  I love the small moments that bring me back to just Cindy.

I love London, yoga,  cups of Earl Grey tea till 3, Insta worthy photographs and dark chocolate bullets.

I love the firsts… first kisses, first mornings in unknown cities, first birthdays, first births… (and the second and third).

The Winter Solstice is now super special to me… the longest night, mulled wine, venison stew, family and unintentional undisturbed births.

The things that charm my soul… baking my Mum’s teacake, very pretty vintage teacups, the smell of vernix on a newborn’s skin, pink tulips, Autumn, baby boy smooches and raspberries on tummies, emerald cut rings and my beautiful nappy folding, best puttanesca making man.

Birth matters, women matter and families matter. Have a positive birth so you can move forward confidently in your next births (if that’s what you choose), your parenting and the first three years of your child’s life…

Let’s make that beginning the best we can. Hypnobirth!

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