A well supported, straightforward and empowered birth… Julie’s Story.

In my Hypnobirthing classes,  more often than not couples do the course together but sometimes a woman will come alone.

This does not mean she is not supported – it just means life has complexity.

We live in busy, crazy times and sometimes one has to commit to Hypnobirthing classes, rather than two.

There are all sorts of reasons why partners cannot attend: some work , others need to look after other children or sometimes they haven’t yet consciously or unconsciously reconciled some of the  emotion from a previous birth experience.  By far the most interesting reason however, was just recently, the birth partner was in a rock band and was on tour. No word of a lie he was a rock star 🙂 , as well as an educationalist with a social conscious for access and equity to education  for all.  I hope to share their story one day soon.

For now thou, back to another woman.

Let me introduce Julie – second time birthing mother,  strong, articulate , intelligent, consciously aware and very determined to achieve a more positive birth experience, with less intervention than her first. She attended her Hypnobirthing Australia course alone  however as her birthing story testifies the preparation can be done alone and partners can be taught and up-skilled by their own partner.  Julie felt superbly supported by her husband, independent and hospital midwives with her during her birthing time.

Woman are strong, they are capable and can find reassurance in a variety of  support options, not just their partners who are important but also from midwives and doulas who hold space, give reassurance or be “with woman”, from which the word midwife is derived from.

A birthing woman needs to feel safe and from who that will be from will vary from woman to woman.

Enjoy this story – it’s a straightforward birth,  with good support and at the centre of it all – a woman who held her own power and never let it deviate from her goal – positive birth experience.

This is her story …

Jac Leo was born on 11th March 2016 at 9.50 am.

Labour began around 4am when my waters broke. I rang the hospital and the midwife suggested that we stay at home and get some rest for as long as possible. 

 My husband and I stayed in bed, working through my surges calmly and quietly, until our private midwife arrived around 7 am. 

By this time I was approximately 4 to 5 cm dilated. My surges were getting closer together and stronger but I worked my way through them using hypnobirthing deep breathing and visualisation techniques.

I felt strong and in control of my pain; firmly focused on meeting my baby. 

 Evy, our daughter, woke at 8am and witnessed me working through my surges.

She was amazed and excited by the prospected of meeting baby Jac. Both Rob and my midwife suggested we go to hospital once Evy was settled with nana. I was reluctant but was encouraged to agree. Although only a short journey to the hospital it felt like forever working through my surges in the car.

I slowly walked from the car park into the maternity ward, breathing through each surge as it came. Once inside the hospital, the lights seemed bright and I felt as if I was losing control, but my midwife encouraged me to stay with it. 

 I had a big urge to poo, and was transitioning into the next phase of labour. My membranes released again, this time in the administration area of the hospital! I was in my own hypnotic space and wasn’t aware of all the rushing about around me, and Rob and my midwife did their best to keep me calm. 

 Once in the delivery suite everything progressed very fast.

Without drugs I felt the power of my body taking over. A team of midwives were present to assist me with this stage. I could feel baby Jac moving down the birth canal, and with 4 or 5 guided pushes, baby Jac entered the world. This phase took about 1 hour! So quick compared with the birth of Evy. The midwives put baby Jac in my arms and we waited for the 3rd stage to be over.

The placenta was placed in a bucket so that Evy could see it.

 Jac was quiet and didn’t want to feed immediately so the midwife team vigorously rubbed him down until he responded to his new surroundings. He then started to feed and we stayed in the delivery suite until 1pm. Evy, Nana and Pops visited for a short while at around 10.30am.

Rob, Jac and I left the hospital at 5pm and went home to be with family.

 On reflection, I firmly believe that Hypnobirthing [Australia skills] empowered me to birth my baby calmly into this world.

My husband, midwife team, both private (MAMA  midwives) and hospital (Sandringham) were also integral, providing encouragement and support along the way.

I am in awe of my body’s amazing capacity to give birth in this way. 


Julie did Hypnobirthing Australia classes, in Melbourne with Big Hearted Birth.

Julie and her husband were supported by MAMA Midwives Australia.

Hypnobirthing Australia is taught throughout Australia, and for practitioners near you go to the Hypnobirthing Australia website.  Look for that gorgeous blue seal for a certified practitioner near you .


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